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Update: 28.01.2023

  1. Due to a DHL strike (currently ongoing ) in the distribution center in Krefeld shipping and pick up is not reliable right now.
  2. If you did not receive your tracking number yet, DO NOT WORRY! Your order will be shipped on 3rd Feb 2023!! 
    I am on a business trip to Spain between 30th until 2rd for my new job.
  3. The site will shutdown later – likely in 1-2 weeks since I uploaded missing stock too late and some stuff is not yet online.
  4. I am currently in discussions how to provide SchnitzelKits at other shops in the future … not finalized yet.

It is happening ...

After long waiting it is finally happening … (vonwange) is really closing and doing a last Sale…
It should have happend already, but you know how things are: Nothing is really working according to plan 😉

Here’s the final schedule 😉
– From 13th Jan I will gradually upload stocks.
– The shop is planned to finally go offline 31st January – maybe early depending on stock situation.
– Shipping will be between 10-14 days after payment due to business travels

– Based on the Discord vote I switched off Paypal and Credit Card payment to offer you some better discounts. Only bank transfer will be available. For EU buyers: Bank transfer is free of charge within EU!
– eSun: All filament will be discounted to 14 Euro; SchnitzelDiscount (10x spools) will be 10 Euro for any spool. SchnitzelDiscount will be deducted during Check out. You cannot combine SchnitzelDiscount with other products.

For existing customers only!!!
If you ordered from (vonwange) before you will be able to receive the following extra discounts!
– Any order >100 Euro will receive an additional 5% discount
– Any order >200 Euro will receive an additional 10% discount

Please note:
Not all products will be available immediately. Drops will be Friday (13th), Monday (16th) and Tuesday (17th).
After I released a drop of products I will send a notifier into the Discord channel. 
When all products have been dropped, I will send a bye-bye newsletter.

-Matthias aka tameike@Discord

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