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The legend is back: eSun SchnitzelDiscount

The famous "SchnitzelDiscount"

if eSun==10 then (20% discount)

  • Combine any eSun filament, no matter which color or amount
  • Discount available for exactly 10 spools only
  • 20% Discount will be deducted during check out automatically
  • Discount is limited to non-commercial volumes only; 10kg / 2 month limit!
  • NEW: Only eSun filament in cart – otherwise discount will not be executed. Combined shipping with other products is not possible!


For the first time since the beginning we had to adjust filament prices! Material cost, Dollar/Euro Exchange rate and shipping cost all increased in the last 1.5 years and we had to adjust the price by ~+5%. As soon as the situation will improve again, we will adjust the price again – this time lowering it!

Thank you for your understanding.

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