Finally - It is here! "SchnitzelGlue"

After some production hick ups, we managed it! And the best thing: We can disclose the supplier now:

Lohmann – A world leading specialist for bonding products. 

15250 HCR by Lohmann aka “SchnitzelGlue” has unmatched bonding capabilities up to 270°C. Forget problems like peeling off PEI sheets! “SchnitzelGlue” has no aging effects. This glue sticks! Extend the live cycle of your PEI sheet for month – even when printing 24/7.

Premium Black PEI

We searched long (I mean very very long) for a reliable source for the original premium black ULTEM™ based PEI!
Finally we found it! Although the black gold usually is only sold in industrial scale we found a way to get serious supply, but not 40ft container full of of it! The PEI is called Superio™ and is manufactured in Japan.
 ありがとうございます, Mitsubishi-san!

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