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Dragon Hotend “V1” vs. “V2”

Myth and facts about the Dragon Hotend "V1" and "V2"

Due to many inquiries, together with Phaetus we have compiled a summary of the so-called “V1” and “V2” versions . If you have any further questions, you can write us a message at any time using the contact form or directly in Discord.

Is there an official "V1" or "V2"?

Simple answer: no!
During production, Phaetus discovered that there were increased rejects and errors when assembling the hotends. The original heat break is not reinforced at the upper end and can, in the worst case, bend slightly during production. Therefore the heat break and the heat sink have been optimized for production. As a result, problems in production were completely eliminated. This is how professional quality management works!

Update March 2021:
Phaetus is now selling the improved version as “V1.1”

Are there any consequences for the end customer, whether someone uses a so-called "V1" or "V2" version?

No, the optimization only affects the production of the hotend. Neither the stability of the assembled hotend nor the print quality is different between the two versions!

Therefore, both variants have the same item number and are not sold as an improvement or a new version by Phaetus!

Every Phaetus hotend can be changed from “V1” to “V2”. To do this, the heat break and the heat sink must be exchanged. This also applies to ODM versions. Together with Phaetus we offer a corresponding upgrade kit. You can find it on our product pages.

Phaetus does not recommend any unnecessary replacement as it does not mean any quality differences for the print results. Instead, it is a high-precision, fine-mechanical product. Improper work can always lead to unintentional damage!

Why do others call it "V2" version?

Well… No comment.

I damaged my heat break? What do i do now?

In cooperation with Phaetus we offer spare parts for both variants. We also have a solution for owners of a “V1” variant that was not sold under the Phaetus brand. Since Phaetus is also the supplier of these hotends, customers can also use the spare parts on this website for repairs. If you are unsure – ask us! We are happy to help!

How do I know the difference?

Dragon Hotend ST "V1"
Dragon Hotend ST "V2"
Dragon Hotend HF "V1"
Dragon Hotend HF"V2"
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