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Frequent asked questions (FAQ)

WTF! What is a Voron?
Check out!
In summary, we think it is the best Open Source 3D printers out there. Maybe we are biased, but who cares.

Are you planning to offer electronic components as well?
As of today the answer is not simple.
European regulations are quite strict when it comes to selling electronics and electronic compoments. Which is a good thing.  Importing Voron specific components from Asia would right now not offer advantages for customers in terms of price and quality. We are working on that one …

When Sets for Voron XYZ will be available? 
We are planning to have sets for all Voron printers available by end of Q1 2021. Currently we are focusing von Voron V2.4 first. Next will be Voron V1.8 and Switchwire. Voron V0 likely will be released last.

Will you offer sets for other printers too?
No. We are solely and full heartly decidcated to Voron 3D printers only. Call us stubborn, but we like it that way.

Can you range supplier ABC or Product 123?
We are open for suggestions. If you like us to add products leave us a message on the Website or send us a PM on Discord. We promise to look into it, but do not promise any results. 

…to be continued…

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