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Latest News & Updates

18th January 2021

Due to Covid we are facing shipping restrictions to some countries right now.  
If you are impacted, we will send the order immediately after DHL cleared the route again. To avoid any further delays we are checking the updates multiple times a day right now. Please check the daily updates on the DHL site.

In addition  shipping to UK is temporarily stopped due to some unclear Brexit issues. We are woking on that. Once a solution has been found, we will announce it on the Voron Discord at #vonwange.

19th December 2020

English is the main language now
Voron is an international project so we always planned to provide English services as well. Unfortunately German laws are quite German sometimes and we should have a German Website too. Hence we launched in German in October and tested supply chain, systems and shipping. It’s done now! Ready for English! Of course German will be still available as a language option.

International Shipping
Some European Voron addicts ordered parts even by translating the site with Chrome. That’s true addicction! One feedback we received: “Please improve international shipping!” or “Can you offer better rates for small packages?”.
We created – what we think – the most transparent shipping rules we currenty can think of. Focusing on low product prices and show shipping cost based on actual cost drivers. Target: Start building in days not weeks by skipping slow China orders.
Now shipping costs are based on product type, product size, cart value and weight! As a result free shipping will be available in Germany starting from 60 Euro and 100 Euro within Europe! Hope you like it! For more details click here.

Domestic shipping (Germany)
Also the same improvements here but we killed “Warenpost”. The shipping times since launch in Oktober were conistently unpredictable. Everything from 1-7 days is possible. DHL will replace “Warenpost” and 1kg package will be 4,99 Euro from today onwards.

Shipping Phase two
We will add another logistics company for at least international shipments by second half of January. We will sign the contract next week and it will improve the shipping situation further. 

How about other countries?
All of them are possible – maybe not North Korea… Contact us here or on Discord. We can set it up within hours.

Product updates
We were able to dramaticly improve supply chain since October – let’s say, I don’t know a lot, but this stuff I know a bit. As a result  almost all products received some serious price reductions starting today , some are just the cheapest you can find!
Low BOM = more Voron’s = better!

Matthias (tameike)

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