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Afterburner Kit Phaetus ST

Afterburner Kit Phaetus ST


1 pcs: Phaetus Dragon Standard Flow Hotend V1.1
1 Set: High quality BMG Extruder Kit
2 pcs: Premium 2RS bearings
1 pcs: (vonWange) Radial fan 4020 24V
1 pcs: Sunon MagLev 4020 24V
1 pcs: 30mm PTFE Tube
1 pcs: (vonWange) Heater 24V
1 pcs: (vonWange) ATC 104-
1 pcs: Vinda


Weight 0.21 kg


All parts to build an Afterburner Extruder (excl. Screws and Stepper Motor)

Based on Phaetus Dragon HF

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