Switchwire Frame Kit


2 pcs: Misumi HFSB6-3060-520-AH105-BH415-AV180
2 pcs: Misumi HFSB6-3030-400-TPW
1 pcs: Misumi HFSB6-3030-360-LCH-RCH
2 pcs: Misumi HFSB6-3030-300-TPW
1 pcs: Misumi HFSB5-2020-340-AH15-BH325
1 pcs: Misumi HFSB5-2020-340


Weight 3.5 kg


Suitable for Voron Switchwire.

We do not stock Misumi in bulk numbers, instead we are holding a small just-in-time stock. Therefore we only offer Misumi frames with a approx. 10-12 days delivery (for Germany).

Sourcing bulk from Misumi is pricy and inefficient. Therefore we decided to provide Frame Kits pre-packed by Misumi only.

Please consider it as a pure community service. In the meantime we are heavily testing alternative frame solutions. We plan to replace Misumi as soon as possible.

We also removed any bundle conditions.

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