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SchnitzelGlue SG1

(vonwange) SG1 - aka "SchnitzelGlue"

What's the story?

We all love flex plates and PEI and no one wants to go back to ancient “Blue Tape” times anymore. One problem we all facing: PEI usually comes with cheap adhessive films which are not made for 3D printing requirments:

  • Not designed for constant high temperatures
  • “dry out” / aging effect and becomes less sticky

Ultimately your PEI is going to create those fine micro bubbles and later on it is nearly impossible to achieve a great first layer. 3M 486 MP is better than most non-name adhessive films, but if your are printing constantly on 100 degree bed temperatures, 3M 486 MP will also has its limits.

What we did?

We started to look for alternatives. The process started in summer 2020 and we reached out to more than half a dozen companies to scout for a better solution. Among those, we hit the jackpot with one company. They are a real specialist and were happy to investigate 3D printing problems with us. That company really went into details with us and at some point was quite eager to find the right adhessive film composition with us.

What should we say: We found it!

What is different?

We spend a lots of work into this and we won’t disclose any details on the company nor the exact composition of this adhessive film.
The key highlights are:

  • Designed for permanent use of 200 degress celsius
  • Special chemical composition so the adhessive film does not dry out under constant heat. (aging effect)
  • Higher viscosility to achieve a perfect smooth binding with PEI and flex plate
What is the result?

Our test show that you can extend the lifecycle of your PEI surface for month now – based on constant 24/7 printing at 100 degree celsius bed temperature. So far, non of our test plates shows any aging effect and continue to provide a perfect print surface in combination with our Mitsubishi Superior(TM) PEI.

When will it be available?

“SchnitzelGlue” is delayed!
“SchnitzelGue” is a custom production and we received the first delivery. We did a last check prior to launch and found an issue.
We could sell it like this, but we won’t! We are currenty working on a solution and will release “SchnitzGlue” ASAP – we mean really ASAP!!!

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