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Who are we

Who are we?

(vonwange) is established by Wange GmbH solely as an online shop to distribute Voron specific 3D printer parts. In English the name means literally “by wange” or “from wange”. We thought that fits and is funny too. 

von has a second meaning in German: last names starting with von indicating a noble rank. We considered that rather suitable too since we want to offer good , reliable and quality products – call it “noble” products.

Besides (vonwangeWange Gmbh core business are consultancy and solutions in the following areas:

  • wireless B2C and B2B IOT
  • support European supply chain departments optimizing sourcing and vetting suppliers in China

Wange GmbH was founded by Matthias Runge. Matthias is a German national and speaks German, some English, even less Spanish and is fluent in Chinese to insult taxi drivers in Shenzhen. He worked more than 20 years in European and Asian Tech companies and lived across Asia for some years too.

Matthias got in touch with 3D printing in early 2014 as he was looking for special parts for his fish tanks. Yes, he is a fish nerd by heart and is breeding rare south america dwarf chichilds from the amazonas basin – most of them not yet scientifically described species.

His first contact with Voron was in early 2016 and he finished his first build (V087) that year. Of course things got out of control and in the meantime Matthias is running half a football team of printers (soccer for the US boys) and is an active member of the Voron Crew. His Discord handle is tameike in case you like contact or stalk him. The name tameike is a reminiscence to his time living in Tokyo, Japan. It is a district in Tokyo where he lived.

Starting in 2018 Matthias organized Group Buys for the community in Europe and over time things got out of control again. In Summer 2020 Matthias pulled the plug and decided to start an online shop to provide “Group Buys” prices on a permantent basis to the Voron community.

Early October 2020 (vonwange) went live as a beta-only in German language and is live in English since December 2020 too.

Despite all that, Matthias is still happily married – allthough his wife still hates his fish tanks …

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