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Zodiac Hotends

Next Generation Hotends

What happens if two innovative companies work together?

They build Hotends, not patents!

ZODIAC x Phaetus BMO

ZODIAC x Phaetus BMS


  • DLC coated copper alloy Heatblock with insulation capabilities.
    No Silicone Socks necessary! 
  • Dual Support Structure for extra stiffness
  • More precise temperature control due to repositioning of the thermistor and heater cardridge
  • Overall temperature resistance up to 500℃
  • Heat sink and heat break adapt conical surface fitting design
  • Anti-Rotation structure (ZODIAC x Phaetus BMO)
  • ZODIAC CRB V6 0.4 Nozzle

Anti Rotation

Valid for ZODIAC x Phaetus BMO

Dual Support Structure

DLC Heatblock coating

Bi-Metal Heatbreak

Longer Heating Area

Optimized Thermistor position

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